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Epoxy Countertop Technical Parameters

Test Condition - 1

Test Condition-1 is for volatile organic chemical. In this condition, Cotton ball is saturated with the test chemical and placed on the top of work surface. The saturated ball is then covered with a Glass tube of diameter 10mm and length 75mm. The temperature maintained is 25 °C for 24 hours.

Test Condition - 2

Test Condition-2 is for non-volatile chemicals. In this condition, About 4-5 drops test chemical is placed on the work surface and covered with the watch glass of diameter 25mm for 24 hours at 25 °C.

Performance Rating

A – No effect : No detectable change

B – Excellent : Slight change in color or gloss but no change in function or life of the surface.

C – Good : A clear measureable change in the color or gloss but no significant deterioration in surface life or function.

D- Fair : Objectionable change in appearance due to discoloration or etch, possibly resulting in deterioration of function over an extended period of time.