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SynTop Product Variants

Syntop International has primarily three product variants; Epoxy Countertop, Epoxy Sink & Epoxy Coated Countertop. We have describes these in below:

Epoxy Countertop

SynTop Countertop have significance in ever-changing demand for modern laboratories,hygienic kitchens,resturants.

Epoxy Sink

SynTop Epoxy Sink is used in laboratories & kitchens due to its Highly resistant to the corrosive effects.

Epoxy Coated Countertop

SynTop Epoxy Polished Granite Countertop is an small time alternative for those who has budget contraints in SynTop Epoxy Countertops.


Highly resistant to the corrosive effects

Highly resistant to the corrosive effects of most laboratory chemicals


Withstands high temperatures

Withstands high temperatures normally encountered in laboratory and hygienic kitchens.


Hydrophobic, Highly crossed linked

Eliminate the absorption of liquids that could damage the work surface or contaminate an experiment.


Smooth and Low-Glare Surface

Have smooth and low-glare surface that is easy to clean and maintain.


Thicknesses, Shape, Size, and Shades.

Available in a variety of thicknesses, shape, size, and shades.


Possible to tailor for specific requirements..

It is a customisable so its Possible to tailor for specific requirements.

Industries We Serve

Syntop Countertop and Sinks are used in Industrial and Domestic uses. But due to price range its is widely used in industries which have ever-changing demand for modern laboratories due to their unmatched durability and performance.


Different Industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemicals have specific requirement for their work surfaces, which completes by SynTop Countertop & Sink.


Good Star Hotels maintain highly hygenic floor surace at their hotel rooms, kitchens, slabs & sinks, which completes by SynTop slabes.


For a Restaurant only Good taste is not enough, they also require a hygenic & sustainable kitchen, which is fulfilled by Syntop countertop & sink.


Every Industry and Household require a Durable and hygenic top of furniture. SynTop Countertop fulfill this requirement of furniture.


SynTop International is a world wide renowned company in epoxy countertop manufacturing with a large number of satisfied customers. Our customers are always happy with our product quality, on time delivery services, good logistic services & our staff behaviour.

SynTop Epoxy Countertop Industry Gallery

SynTop Epoxy Countertop is used as work surface, sink & flooring purposes in different industries like, hospital, Pathology Lab, Microbiology Lab, Pharmaceuticals lab, Biotechnology Labs, Chemical industry, Mechanical industry, Electrical Industry, It & Electroncs Industry, Corporates, School, Colleges & University Labs, Hotels, Restaurants, and Home Kitchen.

Hospital Lab

Epoxy Countertop

Pathology & Microbiology Lab

Epoxy Countertop

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Labs

Epoxy Countertop

Chemical Industry

Epoxy Countertop

Mechanical Lab

Epoxy Countertop

Electrical Lab

Epoxy Countertop

IT & Electronics Lab

Epoxy Countertop

Corporate Furniture

Epoxy Countertop

School, College University Labs

Epoxy Countertop

Hotel Kitchen

Epoxy Countertop

Restaurant Kitchen & Furniture

Epoxy Countertop

Home Kitchen

Epoxy Countertop

  • 1. What is Epoxy Countertop?

    Epoxy Countertop is smoothed and prepped concrete base, mixed with resins and hardening chemicals and stabilised in ideal conditions to manufacturer Slab or Tile Format. SynTop Epoxy Countertop is a pre-made epoxy slabs that you can pick up from SynTop and have installed in your kitchen or bathroom.

  • Epoxy Countertop is a dimensionally stable, electrically insulated, resistant to thermal stress, self extinguishing, mechanically strong, appealing experience etc. For More Physical Properties..

  • Epoxy Counetrtop is homogeneous and monolithic in nature, Highly resistant to the corrosive effects, Hydrophobic, Highly crossed linked, resistant to most chemicals, bacteria free surface. For More Chemical Properties..

  • The leverage epoxy top has on other top systems is its many resistant qualities against damage. Its ability to withstand temperature, chemicals, moisture and water, and even oil and stains, has also allowed epoxy tops to last for decades. The tops longevity leads to its affordability because of how little you will spend on repairs or maintenance.

  • Epoxy Countertop is an embedded epoxy slab, which is a pre-made slabs that you can pick up from SynTop and have installed in your kitchen or bathroom. While, Epoxy Coated Countertop is a countertop in which a layer of epoxy is coated over the marble, granite or other stone. Epoxy Coated countertop is not advicable untill there is less time usage & budget constraint issue.